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Good Day to all. Diffpromo.com are new in the market to let our customer and advertiser to build their customer base through Diffpromo.com. We will also do advertisement on Facebook and Google ads. Diffpromo.com had already started our Facebook ads. Next we will go in Google Ads. 

Diffpromo.com doing 3 different country  (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) and 6 section, (Services, Travel, Motors, Property, Sports and Shopping). Diffpromo.com promise to find the latest Promotion on this 6 section on 3 different country. We will post their banner , video, photo and website information. Below there will be comment and feed back by customer. They will submit proof to show the company is Good or Bad. Scammer or trustworthy. 

To post here we will collect a standard fees. This is the minimum that show the company is financially strong.

Last but not least we would like to see you around diffpromo.com for exclusive deal for you that only can find on this website.

Lastly all advertiser that are interested can fill up the contact form and we will get back to you.


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