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Our motto is to create as many awareness 

Welcome to Diff Promo! 

We figured you may get a kick out of the chance to know more of what we’re about. 

Diff Promo was begun in May 2018 as a nearby Hong Kong grouped promotions and group site, intended to associate individuals who were either wanting to move, or had quite recently touched base in the city, and required assist beginning with settlement, work and meeting new individuals. 

We’ve grown a ton from that point forward through verbal exchange and we’re pleased to state that Diff Promo is presently adored by its regularly developing group all around the globe. We are the neighborhood noticeboard that presently traverses Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore – and are the greatest sites for nearby group advancements, and so forth 

Our go for Diff Promois to give you a basic and simple to-utilize instrument that lets you rapidly find what you may search for. You can discover all that you have to carry on with your existence with the assistance of your neighborhood Diff Promo people group; from that novel thing at a deal cost to your fantasy things 

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